Solution to I2

Puzzle I2: White to win

  1. Note that Black will only be able to move his Queen, King, and Rooks. Note also that these pieces can never leave the five squares g8, h8, h7, h6, h5 (as long as White doesn't do something dumb to let them out!).
  2. On White Bishop rolls, he should just move his Black (blue) squared Bishop back and forth out of the way. Same thing on King rolls. He passes on pawn, rook and queen rolls.
  3. On White Knight rolls, White should maneuvre his Knight to f7 via a safe path.
  4. White will just move his Knight back and forth between f7 and e5 (or d8 would also work).
  5. Eventually, with probability 1, the Black King will be on h6 at the same time that the White Knight is one f7. This will happen infinitely often so that with probability 1, White will roll a Knight in this situation, capturing the Black King.